Printing Lesson Materials

Each page of Lesson Material is designed to print out on standard US letter or A4 letter size paper with a computer monitor setting of 640 x 480.
This monitor setting is an about 130% enlargement with respect to a 800 x 600 setting.

To print out in the correct size follow one of the following procedures.

  1. If your monitor setting is 640 x 480 : Easy ! Print out from the screen.

  2. If you use a different monitor setting but can change it : Select the monitor setting of 640 x 480, then print out the lesson material.
    (You may need to restart your computer before the monitor change is effected.)

  3. If your monitor setting is different but you prefer not to change it : select the appropriate enlargement (130% for a 800 x 600 monitor setting) for your Printer. Then print.

  4. If all else fails: printout the material in any size. Then enlarge or reduce a copy using a photocopying machine.

On my own Mac computer I get the best quality printouts by printing directly from the Netscape (or IE) browser, rather than using an other application (such as Adobe Photoshop, AppleWorks, etc.).


© 1998 Michael Furstner (Jazclass)