Ordering SAFELY by EMAIL

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You can order Jazclass products safely by sending your credit card details in 2 separate Email messages one day apart.

First Email message (sent on the 1st day)
  1. List of items you wish to purchase
  2. Name of Credit card holder
  3. Postal address (include postcode and Country)
  4. Credit card type (Visa or Mastercard)
  5. First 8 digits of Card number : 1234 5678 xxxx xxxx
Second Email message (sent on the following day)
  1. Last 8 digits of Card number : xxxx xxxx 8765 4321
  2. Card Expiry date : 12/34
Write "Jazclass Order" in the Subject field of your Email,
then send it to me at :


Easy and very secure.
I will confirm your order and the total cost of your purchase after receiving your first Email.

Alternative payment method
You can also purchase Jazclass products using a Western Union money transfer as payment method.
In this case simply send me an email listing the products you require and I will confirm to you the cost in Australian Dollars (see Prices).

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