Saxophone - QUIZ 1

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The "A to B" concept of learning the saxophone.
Name one vital ingredient for each of the three parts of this concept :
  1. starting point 'A'
  2. the travel
  3. destination 'B'

1. What are the three human aspects involved in meditation ?

2. What other human activities besides music use an 'active form of meditation' ?

3.How can you usually tell whether a particular element of play technique (on fingering, posture or breathing etc.) is good or not ?

How much of a complete tone wavelength is located within the saxophone resonator (the brass part of the saxophone) :

a complete wavelength - half a wavelength - a quarter of a wavelength ?

1. How many resonators are involved in saxophone playing ?

2. What can you say about the vibrations : of the reed, in the saxophone and in the player's mouth (throat and lungs) at all times ?

1. Who is initially in control of the tone and who are the 'servants' :

reed - saxophone resonator - player's 'oral tract' ?

2. Who should eventually be in control of the tone ?

1. What are the four vital elements of good technique that produce a good tone ?

2. How much of your practice time should you spend on tone development ?

3. Which three things must be going on in your head (besides blowing) when you produce a tone ?

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