Saxophone - QUIZ 3

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1. What are the two main variables of the shape of a mouthpiece ?

2. What is the main variable of the reed ?

3. What is a sensible mouthpiece and reed selection for a beginning sax student ?

4. How can you judge when it is time to step up to a harder reed or more open mouthpiece ?

5. Describe the correct position of reed and ligature on the assembled mouthpiece.

1. The embouchure functions as an ................ ............... It acts like an ............. ...........

2. Describe the position of upper teeth and upper lip for a good embouchure.

3. Describe the position of the bottom lip with regard to the bottom teeth and the reed.

4. Describe the condition of the jaw in a good embouchure.

What can you say about the embouchure pressure for the sax :

  1. around the mouthpiece
  2. over the full range of the instrument
  3. compared to the clarinet

Name two ways to find the correct sax embouchure pressure.

Rousseau recommends these concert key (piano) pitches for the various unattached mouthpieces.


What are the individual pitches in sax notation for each of these saxophones ?

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