Saxophone - QUIZ 6

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1. What is a register ?

2. Which are the most common two or three registers used in classical singing ?

3. Which is the fourth register sometimes developed by soprano vocalists ?

1. Which are the two important Oral tract (or 'body') Registers for saxophone playing ?

2. Are the Oral tract Registers in any way related to the instrument registers ?

3. Why is Overtone practice so important to tone development ?

1. What is the first major objective for Overtone practice ?

2. After achieving this, what is the next objective ?

3. What is your third objective ?

4. How many Oral track Registers will you ideally have in the end ?

5. When do you stop practising Overtones ?

In which direction (forward, backward, up, down) should these body parts move to create an optimum open throat ?

  1. the tongue
  2. the soft palate
  3. the Uvula
  4. the muscular pharynx wall
  5. the larynx ('Adam's apple)


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