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1. Smooth finger action and a good tone.
2. The five Fingering Rules are :
  1. When C is next to a B : use side keys C
  2. When a Bb is in the key signature (except for Gb) : straddle the B and bis key
  3. Whe Bb is next to a C : use side key Bb and middle finger C
  4. When F# is next to and F : use side key F# (unless F# is followed by D or D#, or low C)
  5. For all chromatic passages : always use sC, sBb and sF#
3.When playing with other saxophones be aware of the different qualities of sC and mC.
Always use the same C fingering as the other player(s) when playing in unison, and listen to which C sounds best in any harmony that occurs.

1. The Ab key, as well as the low C#, low B and low Bb keys.
2. The F major scale. Also the G major scale once you can manage the the Altissimo G.

Use the side key C rule for Lost in Space.
There are two adjacent Cs in bar 13. Use the same fingering for both to achieve uniform tone quality. I use side key C for all Cs in this song.

In principle use the bis key rule and side key Bb rule for Lonesome Bossa.
The side key Bb rule is not implemented here as there is no C in the whole piece.
Use the bis key for all Bbs.

Apply the bis key rule and side key Bb rule for Memories for Tomorrow.
Use bis key Bbs except for the long Bb 6 bars from the end where you should use the sBb.

Use the side key C rule for Strolling with You in the last bar in the 1stx box. Use mC fingerings everywhere else.

When You're not there is an unusual case.
Most of the melody is composed from the C harmonic minor scale (which contains a B and not a Bb). As a result there are 5 Bs and only 2 Bbs in the song.
Straddling the left index finger over the bis key throughout the song does not make sence here.
I would either :

  1. play both Bbs with the sBb fingering, or
  2. straddle the bis key for the one bar in which this fingering is appropriate : bar 17 (not counting the pick up bar at the beginning).
    This is an easy maneuvre for there is a mC both before and immediately after bar 17.

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