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1. The process of oral tract manipulation (or other body actions) by means of images in the mind.

Oral tract shape

3. It adds to the relaxation and focus of mind and body.

1. The wire near the back wall of the pharynx - the triangle in the throat.

2. Aim your notes always to the far point in the room or hall. Practice in a large studio and occasionally outdoors.

1. The pharynx and larynx area (the 'back of the throat').

2. The tongue position mainly contributes to the timbre and minor pitch variations of the tone. In the extreme case it can destroy the vibration of a tone.

3. Vowels can be used to manipulate the tongue shape, especially in the early stage of the student's oral tract development.

1. Thinking of "breathing out" while actually blowing a tone.

the "cool cat" image
thinking "one point above total collapse"
the Alexander Technique

(1) To unlearn the habit patterns that interfere with our overall co-ordination, ease in movement, postural balance and poise, and
(2) to release unnecessary tension and to redirect it into useful energy.

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