for the Jazz Pianist
Michael Furstner & Graham Williams - 72 pages

With Tables of Scale - Chord combinations for improvisation on all instruments.
Now in its 3rd successful Edition. Suitable for ALL instruments

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  1. The Overtone Series
  2. The Circle of Fifths
  3. The Pentatonic Scales
  4. The Blues Scale
  5. The Major Scale and its modes
  6. The Bebop Scales
  7. The Harmonic minor Scale
  8. The Melodic minor Scale and its modes
  9. The Symmetric Scales
  10. Scales Overview
  11. Chords and Arpeggios
  12. Scale Rulers


    1. Objective
    2. Method
    3. Practice


Dr.Graham Williams outlines in this book the professional piano technique as taught at the Conservatoire de Paris by Evonne Loriod, one of the world's leading piano teachers.

The Charts show keyboard fingering for both right and left hand for 20 scales and 7 arpeggios in all keys.

The Jazclass Music Library contains Play-a-Long midi file tracks for practice with the most important scales.

'Scales & Arpeggios for the Jazz Pianist' is suitable for all instruments.
It includes keyboard fingerings for all scales, but the scales charts, explanations of the scales and the tables showing their uses in improvisation apply to (and are the same for) any instrument.

It is therefore a most valuable resource and companion for every student of improvisation regardless his/her instrument.

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Copyright © 2004 Michael Furstner.