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Trump Play Techniques
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  1. Drawing 2 rounds of trumps
    Removin Opponents' losing trumps only.

  2. Drawing 3 rounds of trumps
    When Opponent's remaining trump can cut you off from Dummy

  3. Drawing 2 rounds of trumps, when holding trump Ace only
    Play low trumps first round, win with the Ace second time.

  4. Cross Ruff. Do not draw trumps
    But before ruffing cash your sure winners first !

  5. Holding trump K and Q only in opposite hands

  6. Ruffing Finesse
    While discarding losers in the other hand.
  1. Ruffing in Dummy before drawing trumps
    Get maximum benefit from your Dummy's trump.

  2. Loser on Loser play
    By not ruffing you can promote a winner.

  3. Getting rid of losers before drawin trumps

  4. Developing Dummy's long suit by ruffing
    But make sure to have a side entry to Dummy.

  5. Using Dummy's trump as entry.
    To access winners of Dummy's long suit.

  6. Dummy Reversal