Social Bridge Club - PHILOSOPHY
Bridge on the Sandbar, May 2014 Like all valuable experiences our bridge club activities have an "Outside" and an "Inside".

Our "Outside" is to play bridge as a pleasant, creative, learning experience, not as a tense competitive battle.

We play strictly 2-hour sessions, so that players can be back home early in the evening. We play 3 times a week to give players plenty of choice.

We strengthen this "Outside" aspect by regular lessons on extended basic to intermediate topics and by weekly coaching sessions on Sunday afternoons.

Our "Inside" aim is to maintain and strengthen amongst our members a feeling of strong social cohesion, of genuine friendship and togetherness.

This feeling is palpable at every session we conduct as soon as you enter the room.
Our players come to bridge as much to be together with friends as to play bridge.

We enhance and strengthen this "Inside" aspect by regular social events. These can be as simple as a bridge club subsidised glass of wine during play, or a meal beforehand.
We also organise social bridge events elsewhere, like Stokes Hill Wharf, Burnett House, or the Free Spirit Resort. Our main social event in 2014 has been the very successful Bridge on the Sandbar.