View onto the Burg, Bernkastel
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View onto the  Burg, Bernkastel

During my last day here I did the walk to Trarbach. A 5.5 km hike first up the mountain on this side, then down on the other. From Trarbach then back to Bernkastel with a Cruise ship.   Unfortunately I took an early wrong turn and ended up walking about 12-14 km instead before finally arriving at Trarbach. The upside of this error however were beautiful sceneries, walking through dense forests and this great shot of the Burg. The trip took me 3.5 hours during which I only encoutered one other human, a farmer on his tractor.   The track up on the right is the one I took on my way to Trarbach.
Note the narrow walkway from Bernkastel below leading past the Restaurant up to the Burg. I walked this track a few days earlier.