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WF 1. My Resume

wivi00.jpg Hello and Welcome, I am Wivica Furstner.

I was born in 1940 in Zutphen, a small town in the Netherlands.
I have been painting since I was a little girl, decorating all walls in my room with pictures of angels, ghosts and other imaginary characters.
From a very early age I had a strong wish to learn to help people to see their spiritual way, which I imaged to be the way to the inner light.
I entered the School of Arts in Arnhem in 1957 where I obtained a degree of Master in Goldsmith 1962.

Later I studied in Idar Oberstein (Germany) on specialised goldsmith techniques.

For a number of years I was involved in the design of shop window displays for top Jewellery houses in Curaçao, Paris, Zürich and other centres throughout Europe.

In 1976 I started my professional career as a spiritual painter in Freiburg (South Germany) near the mysterious fairy tale Black Forrest.

Since then I have painted and exhibited all over Europe as well in the Caribbean, in Papua New Guinea and the Solomons Islands in the West Pacific Ocean.

After extensive travels and experiences I settled in 1996 in St. Peter (near Freiburg in Germany) as a Soul Portrait artist, and finally fulfilled the dearest wish of my childhood :

Helping people of all walks of life to find the inner light within themselves.

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WF 2. What is a Soul Portrait ? (How my painting of Soul Portraits came about)

I always consider three aspects with regards to each Soul Portrait I paint :

  1. the Body : which represents our physical presence in this world,

  2. the Soul : which is the individual's personality and includes a 'spark' of God, and

  3. the Spirit : which is the 'Holy Spirit', 'God' or the 'Universal Force'.
When our Body and Soul are brought into a state of balance and harmony the human being opens up to the Universal Force, what I call the Spirit.

In this process our Soul forms the conduit and vital link between this Holy Spirit and our earthly life.

A Soul Portrait aims to capture the essence of the individual's Soul, not the person's face or visual appearance.

A good Soul Portrait not only shows the present but also the possible further spiritual development for the rest of the person's life on earth.

A Soul Portrait provides a good focus for meditation, and also is a constant reminder of the spiritual potential of the person's further life.

How my painting of Soul Portraits came about

What is a Consciousness Portrait?

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WF 3. My Painting Technique

In each Soul Portrait I incorporate the Spirit, the Soul and the earthly Body.

The very first thing I do is to cover the canvas with white paint.
White contains all the colours of the rainbow and therefore represents the Spirit in my paintings.

wfres03.jpg Next I apply the other background colours, they represent the Soul of the individual.
I often start here again with an inner white circle, which represents your inner light, the Christ within you, your source. I then add the other colours around this circle.
This creates a tunnel which guides you towards your inner light.

Thirdly I paint the actual picture. It represents your 'story', like a small fairy tale.
Some Soul Portraits reflect upon another (earlier) life, other portraits capture the essence of your nature with your symbols, or a landscape with trees and flowers.

In all cases the Soul Portrait symbolises who you are and where your spiritual path may lead you to.

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WF 4. Making a Soul Portrait for You

My Soul Portraits are always based on a personal interview by telephone.

Contact by Telephone
Phone me (+49 7660 920 134) or send me an email to establish the initial contact. I will send you some prints of my work to get an idea of your preferred colours.
I will also need a photograph of you. After that we conduct a personal interview by phone. This will give me a good idea who you are.

Usually the day after our personal interview I start your Soul Painting.
First I clean myself with 'aura soma' and put on music to bring me spiritually onto a higher level. Then I pray, asking for spiritual help to bring strength, love and harmony into your portrait, so that it can guide you towards your inner light.

The painting will be in long lasting oil paint, 50cm by 60cm (20inch by 24inch) in size.
It requires about three weeks to dry before it is safe to send to you.

If you wish to receive more information about a Soul Portrait for yourself, or about anything concerning spiritual or esoteric thinking in general, please feel free to ask me without any obligation.

You can view more examples of my work in the Online GALLERY.


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