Black Forest Walks 3 and 3a : Aha - Schluchsee Dam (See text underneath)
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Schluchsee, Black Forest Germany

Walk 3 (follow the blue dots) : Start your walk from the Aha railway station in the NW (red dot), then walk counter-clockwise around the lake up to the Dam in the SE. Here (at Müller's Kiosk) you can cruise with the "St.Nikolaus" ferry across the lake to Schluchsee or back to Aha. Walk length = 9km
Public transport : Train - Freiburg to Schluchsee
Trail starts from Aha Railway station
Trail ends at Müller's Kiosk (near the Schluchsee dam). From here take the ferry St.Nicolaus back to either Schluchsee or Aha Railway station

Walk 3a (follow the yellow dots) : Take the boat from Schluchsee (or Aha) to Unterkrummerhof.
From there walk through the woods and along the lake to Müller's Kiosk (also bikes for hire there) right next to the dam,
then take the boat back to Schluchsee.
Walk length is about 5.5 km.