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  1. The easiest Instrument to play well
  2. Contents of the Saxophone Course
  3. For Absolute Beginners
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SAX 1 - The easiest instrument to play well

It is often said that "the saxophone is the easiest instrument to play badly". This is undoubtedly true.

Oddly enough it is equally true to say that "the saxophone is the easiest instrument to play well".


The crucial difference between playing badly and playing well is "know how".

Once you have a clear concept of how to play the saxophone, you simply will not stop getting better. That is the beauty of music, you never stop learning.

But you need to have a clear concept of what it is all about. Without it you can play all your life and progress very little. The main thing you will achieve is fooling yourself. Perhaps you learn to play a bit faster, big deal ! It does not mean very much, for :

"it ain't worth a bone, if it hasn't got a tone !"

I regularly get mature students that come to me after a lifetime of playing, who are dissatisfied and frustrated with their playing. Their problem is in each and every case the same. They lack a clear concept and method of how to improve their tone.

This is what the Jazclass Saxophone Course is all about.

If you have an honest look at yourself and find that you have at best only a vague idea of what you are doing, then this course is for you.
It does not matter how long you have been playing, one day, or many years : I urge you to follow this course, it will change the way you play forever.

Sax player 2

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SAX 2 - Contents of the Saxophone Course

Today is the first day of the rest of your life!   So why not START NOW.   You won't regret it!
Regardless whether you have been playing for 6 months or for 20 years, this Course will dramatically improve (if not revolutionise) your approach to good saxophone playing! (Comments by experienced musicians)
The Saxophone Course consists of 10 lessons.

  1. The Course is available either as a Download or on CD.

  2. Each lesson has the same format and look as all the online lessons on Jazclass.

  3. The lessons include, quizes, sheet music (you can print out) of exercises and songs, and play-along midi tracks.
The course provides you with lots of study material and instructions for years of productive practice.

Sax player 1 The Lesson topics are :

  • Lesson 1 The Concept of Resonator Control

  • Lesson 2 Posture

  • Lesson 3 Embouchure, Mouthpiece, Reed

  • Lesson 4 Air Support and Breathing

  • Lesson 5 Voicing and the first Overtone Exercises

  • Lesson 6 Oral tract Registers (the sure way to a big sound)

  • Lesson 7 Articulation

  • Lesson 8 Fingering Principles

  • Lesson 9 Long tone Exercises and Organic Imagery

  • Lesson 10 Vibrato- and Altissimo- Exercises

The Saxophone Course also includes complimentary copies of the Rhythm Class, In Focus and an extended Learn to read Music course.

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SAX 3 - For Absolute Beginners

The Saxophone Course assumes that :

  1. you have been playing for at least 6-12 months,

  2. you are familiar with basic music notation

  3. and that you can play simple exercises and songs.

If you are an absolute beginner and still have to learn the above skills I recommend you purchase a good Sax Beginners Tutor book and use it in conjunction with the Jazclass Saxophone Course.
I find the following book very good and use it for all my students.

Learn as you play Saxophone - by Peter Wastall
(Boosey & Hawkes Music Publ.Ltd. - 295 Regent street, London W1R 8JH)

The book contains good basic exercises, songs and duets which simultaneously develop your playing and music reading skills.
If it is not available in your area you can purchase a copy from Jazclass.

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SAX 4 - Saxophone Fingering Charts

Below complimentary Fingering Charts for the Saxophone.
Fingerings are the same for Baritone, Tenor, Alto and Soprano Sax.

saxfing1.gifSax Fingering Chart (page 1 of 2)
saxfing2.gifSax Fingering Chart (page 2 of 2)
saxfing3.gifSax Keys Diagram

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