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Tuesday - Thursday, September 1 - 3 2009 (diary)

Still life project Tuesday evening in the painting class we finish our still life. I don't like this detailed stuff very much (not to say "not at all!!") and I battle my way through it. Finally it is over, next week hopefully something more to my taste.

Wednesday is the start of the 5-day long Territory Gold bridge tournament, there are over 160 competitors from all over Australia. I play the first two days with Freda Park in the Match Points Pairs event.
The first afternoon session I find very tiring and am in desperate need for a descent drink by 4PM. So we don't do that well. But our evening session, after a great meal at a nearby Pub (Fettucini Calambrese with salami and Kalamata olives for me) with a couple of beers and a large Cuba Libre (Bacardi and coke), is much better.

It is very late when I final get home. I pick up an email from Lars Roos, the male nurse in Mijas who attended Irene when she was ill there a few years ago. Lars will be in Mijas next May-June which should be a reassuring thought for Irene in case she decides to go next year as I proposed previously. We will see.
Antien and Babette have arrived at Wivica's in St.Peter (Black Forest) and are having a good time together. They have not seen each other for a long long time, so it is quite an emotional reunion.
Thursday morning the last session for the Match Points Pairs event and Freda and I are doing quite well. Finished at lunch time, when I head to Casuarina to have a sushi lunch at the new Bar Zushi venue which is very nice. The rest of the day is sleeping, reading and relaxing.

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Friday & Saturday, September 4 & 5 2009 (diary)

With Mairead Kelly (left) and Freda Park Friday another day of rest but on Saturday it is again full on bridge at the Territory Gold bridge tournament.
This time (in the "Swiss Pairs" event) I am playing with Mairead Kelly. A total of 60 boards being played, 30 in the morning then, after a short lunch break, another 30 boards in the afternoon. Towards the latter part of the afternoon I manage to sneak off during a short break and fill two large plastic cups with red wine from a bottle I have in my car, and our play improves immediately.
We finally finish by 6.30 PM and Mairead and I rush off to the Stokes Hill Wharf to get some fresh air into our lungs, and a bottle of wine with some Asian finger food for nourishment. It is a lovely evening and wonderful to sit on the waterfront overlooking the harbour with all its lights.

Then it is onto Freda Park's 60th birthday party in a pub in town. Lots of people there, Freda's family, her work mates and some of her bridge friends. Finally near 11 PM I get home and crash into bed for some much needed rest, for tomorrow we face up to another 60 boards.

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