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Saturday - Monday, August 1-3 2009 (diary, Pride and Prejudice)

Ant hill near Darwin Friday night we had a party (of sorts) at the Darwin Bridge Club, celebrating the results at the National titles in Canberra two weeks ago, our Ladies team got a Silver medal. It never happened before and was the best result throughout the life of the Club, but it was "two glasses of wine only, after that you have to pay for yourself !" You call that a party ? And it is not that they can't afford it. I just shook my head and smiled.
In stark contrast the Arafura Bridge Club here in town is most generous, with free champagne breakfasts on the beach, sponsored Hotel lunches, etc. The Club is thriving and everybody loves to play there.

A book by Pamela Aidan caught my eye while browsing through the Palmerston Library this weekend : An Assembly such as This. It is the first book in a Trilogy which traces the story of Jane Austen's famous Pride and Prejudice, but through the eyes of the main male character Fitzwilliam Darcy. "Fanfiction" this type of writing is called.
I quickly read through the book. Aidan was inspired by it after seeing Colin Firth's portrayal of Darcy in the BBC Television series. Aidan did a great job. The sequence of events follow exactly those in 'Pride and Prejudice' and her writing style is in harmony with Jane Austen's and reflects the period. I found it most enjoyable to follow this story which I know so well, but this time from an entirely different perspective. I will certainly read the other two volumes in the trilogy, Duty and Desire and These Three Remain, in due course.

Monday another most pleasant evening of bridge with Mairead Kelly at the Arafura Club. Late at night I watch the cricket as the Australian team manages a draw with England at the third Ashes test. They are 1-0 behind in the series with two tests (in the 5 tests series) to go.

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Tuesday & Wednesday, August 4 & 5 2009 (diary)

Walking trail though the Mango trees Late nights, too lazy, too much to eat, no exercise at all. That has been my lifestyle for just too long. I have definitely gained some weight lately, judging from my slight belly as I look in the mirror. The trouble is that the roads here are so straight and boring for walking, unlike Mooloolaba where it is wonderful to walk the dune trail and beach.
Nevertheless something has to be done. So I have started walking a trail around part of the mango farm which is quite pleasant. One circuit is 500 steps long and takes me 4.5 minutes to complete. I have done five circuits today, which amounts to 2,500 steps, about 1.9 km (1.2 miles) and takes me 23 minutes. That should do it.
All I have to do now is stick to this schedule every day. I also have to curb my late night snacks of toast loaded with cheese, ham, gherkin and fried eggs, topped with various sauces like mayonnaise, pickles and of course sweet chilli sauce.

Yesterday (Tuesday) I spent most of the afternoon to sort out my book keeping for the past financial year, and am very glad I have that finished now. I also completed my GST (Goods and Services Tax) form for the year. As most of my online sales are overseas I generally get a refund, especially when I buy some new assets, like a new laptop this year.

Last week I saw Dr Keith Forest (my GP when I am here in Darwin) to get repeat prescriptions for my blood pressure and cholesterol. My blood pressure is fine he tells me. He is a great doctor and highly regarded around here. I also had another blood test done for my PSA (prostrate reading), just to make sure it has kept going down since March. It is better to be safe than sorry. I will hear the result on Friday.

Mother Irene at Shirley's funeral Today (Wednesday, August 5) it is exactly one year ago that my friend Shirley Pink passed away in Adelaide. I had cut short my visit in Europe just in time to be with her for the last 12 days of her life.
Today I ring her mother Irene to convey my sympathy to her. She sounds better than I expected. Lots of people have phoned her or sent her cards or flowers which has done her much good. Once Irene gets this day behind her she will be fine. She is definitely thinking about a trip to Spain next year she tells me. We will see.

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